At Ourcart, we believe in building relationships based on respect, value creation, and accountability.


We strive to contribute to a better world by partnering with like-minded brands for the mutual benefit of business, people, and the planet.


CEO & Co-Founder


Daniel has a strong tech background, bringing in 15+ years of extensive management and business experience in physics and software development. Before Ourcart, he worked on Zollo which converts receipts into a shopping list that shows the best options in the area for consumers. Daniel enjoys turning vision into reality. He has B.Sc in Physics and an MBA from the Universities of Beer-Sheva and Tel-Aviv, respectively.

CTO & Co-Founder


Alex has over 15+ years international experience as tech lead in various startup companies in Europe, Canada and United States within the tech and retail space. His focus is on software reusability. Before Ourcart, he was managing a team that leads tech-related innovations in ESC Corporate Services. Alex has a Bachelor of Mathematics in Computer Science from University of Waterloo.

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