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Elevate Your CPG Brand with Our All-In-One Engagement Solution

Gain unparalleled control from promotion to purchase and harness powerful insights for data-driven marketing decisions.


Trusted by leading brands:

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Testimonials & Results

Here's what leading brands have to say about Ourcart.

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Ryan Bouton, CMO of Gatsby Chocolate
“Using Ourcart to acquire real customers & shelf velocity has been a huge success, I would recommend it to any brand that has a goal of moving their product off retail shelves. This is a tactic that actually allows you to measure sales velocity at your retailers.”

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Charis Less, Senior Brand Manager at Pop & Bottle
“Ourcart has enabled us to target and increase sales velocity at key retailers like Sprouts and Aldi, strengthening our business relationships and leading to the approval of additional SKUs and an expanded assortment of products on store shelves. In addition, we’re able to gather 1st party data and feedback to better understand our consumers, improve ad targeting, and inform our product roadmap”

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Theresa Sarna, Marketing Manager at Bubbies Ice Cream.
“Traditional sampling is challenging - street teams and demos require a lot of planning, and our product is highly perishable. Ourcart is a cost-effective solution that enables us to run product trails without waste, reach new consumers, educate them on where to find our product on the shelf, and drive repeat purchases.”

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Sean Folkson, Founder of Nightfood
“Ourcart has been a primary tool for us to promote and enhance our trial and awareness among new consumers. Their system provides us with invaluable data and enables us to directly see our marketing efforts’ results, and promote our brand in the most efficient way. The process was quick and simple, and the final outcome exceeded my expectations . It is a great end-to-end solution for small businesses, with very visible results.”

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Joe Gailani, COO at Borrow Foods.
“Ourcart’s advanced CPG Marketing solution allowed us to leverage marketing campaigns and get direct feedback from our consumers. Their data provides us with the most valuable insights to help us target our marketing and overall efforts. We believe Ourcart can help us take a big step forward in forging long-term loyalty.”

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Todd Schramek, Sr Director Digital Promotion Innovation at Catalina USA
“Partnering with Ourcart was a major factor in the success of our campaign. The outcomes were remarkable, surpassing client expectations. In addition to adding almost 10,000 consented consumers to the bran’s first-party dataset.”

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Rob Johnson, CEO of Born Simple
“The entire game is velocity, and there is no more efficient way to get someone to try your product.”

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Katie Parrish, Brand Manager at Perfect Snacks
“Ourcart allowed us to bypass traditional paper couponing while connecting with our consumers digitally and driving in-store trial.”

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Kelcy Spaete, Marketing Manager for Ingenuity Brands
“Ourcart was a great way to drive trial in-store for a new product launch. The post-sampling surveys gave us valuable insights into product attributes to highlight to our target audience.”

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Your Flywheel For Success

Engage, Convert, Validate, Repeat: Ourcart empowers your brand with essential retail transactional insights for strategic marketing spend decisions.
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Target your current audience to gain insights and learn

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Drive trial, velocity, and multiple purchases while gaining tangible insights for optimal spending.

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Determine which offers, retailers, platforms, creatives, and consumer profiles perform best.

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Utilize insights and 1st party data to drive further optimized activations

How It Works

Ourcart validates any receipt to offer incentives across retailers. Our white-label solution integrates seamlessly into your website.

Key Features

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Run Product Trials
Across all retail points, online, and offline.

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Increase Sales
Turn digital interactions into tangible sales.

Frame 22

Collect Consumer Feedback
Enhance marketing strategies with real insights.

Frame 21

Drive Repeat Purchases
Utilize first-party data for continued customer engagement.

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Improve Targeting
Focus campaigns with generated lookalike audiences.

Frame 26

Measure Ad Effectiveness
Directly evaluate purchases and ROI.

Frame 24

Gather 1st Party Data
Maintain control without reliance on third parties. 

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Grow Into New Markets
Universally adaptable to any retailer selling your products.

Mobile Experience

Engage consumers across platforms. Our white-label solution is compatible with desktop and mobile. Scroll to explore the mobile user experience.

1. Promote your offer anywhere across the digital consumer journey - on social media, emails, ads, QR codes, or your website.
2. Your consumer is directed to a landing page, where they can opt-in to receive rebate instructions via email or SMS.

3. We help them locate the nearest stores or online dealers where they can purchase your products.

4. After purchase, your consumer simply uploads their receipt.
5. They answer a short customizable survey about your brand and product. 
6. Instantly, your consumer gets cashback through the incentive provider of their choice, and we pass their PII-compliant data and feedback directly to you.

Transform Your Data into
Powerful Actionable Insights

Unlock a treasure of insights from every consumer interaction, optimizing your marketing strategies with Ourcart’s comprehensive data dashboard.

Mockup of Ourcart software

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1st Party
Gain compliant and marketing-consented information.

Frame 19

Offer Conversion
Understand which offer resonates best with specific objectives.

Frame 25-1

Track platform, ad, and creative performance.

Frame 23-1

Understand conversion and product/flavor demand by region.

Frame 22

Understand which retailers are driving your purchases.

Frame 26

Voice of Market
Custom market research surveys at the consumer level.

Frame 20

Brand Affinity
Gain insight into the other brands in your consumer's basket.

Frame 21

Events fired to your Meta and Google analytics dashboard.

Why Choose Ourcart

Authentic Brand-to-Consumer Connections

Cultivate genuine brand-to-consumer relationships.

Complete Ownership of Consumer Experience

Command the full consumer experience, from media activation to post-purchase.

First-Party Relationship Focus

Directly harness valuable consumer insights.

Championing Your Brand

Thrive in the challenging CPG landscape with Ourcart by your side.