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Turn Validated Purchase Receipts into Rich Actionable Data

We help brand loyalty programs, market research firms, and promotional networks capture detailed consumer purchase information.


Our receipt processing solution provides a retailer-agnostic method of validating consumer purchases and full-basket data for in-depth analysis.


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Full Basket Data
Gain unique insights by collecting precise UPC-level data.

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Our cloud-based automated platform interprets as many receipts as you need — fast. Our technology scales up with your campaigns.

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Leverage technology to automate the time-consuming process of manually interpreting receipts.

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Unparalleled Accuracy
Our patented identification technology and advanced transcription engine make our solution the most reliable in the market.

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Simplify data collection with our receipt processing technology. 

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Full Basket Product Identification
We use a combination of patented text analysis, scoring algorithms, and years of experience to identify products in shopping receipts to UPC-level accuracy. Our automated flow first converts images to text, then recognizes the entities using a proprietary high accuracy algorithm, and finally matches items to a category, brand, and UPC (Universal Product Code) from our product database or a client-provided item master.

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Automated Receipt Transcription
We leverage a cloud-based fully automated Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology and proprietary extraction engine to transcribe relevant data from receipt images and provide a real-time, cost-effective, and scalable solution.

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Manual Receipt Transcription
Our manual transcription capabilities enable us to extract valuable data when receipt capture quality is too low for automated transcription.

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Purchase Validation
We validate purchases by matching extracted receipt items against our product database or client-provided item master.

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Duplicate Receipt Detection
We automate duplicate receipt detection based on a sophisticated set of indicators. In case a duplicate is found the receipt will be marked and the ID of the duplicated receipt will be returned. This service can also detect receipts which have been duplicated and modified.

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Detailed Data

Our receipt processing solution can identify and extract many data points, including retailer, store, date, location, product, price, quantity, total, discounts, payment information, and more.

See our API Documentation for more details. 

Here’s What Leading Firms Have to Say About Ourcart: 

Hadas Grossman

Hadas Grossman, CEO at MINT | Publicis Groupe

“We have been using Ourcart's receipt processing service as part of a large CPG loyalty program for the past six years. Ourcart has been a trusted and flexible partner that helped us achieve our business goals and made the program a huge success story.”

Zahit Eldshtein

Zahit Eldshtein, Customer and Data Experience Manager at Strauss Group
“I worked closely with the Ourcart team for a number of years leading the Strauss loyalty program. The team has been a great partner that we could count on to find solutions whenever we had challenges. Our innovative program was very successful and Ourcart had a significant contribution.”

Suky Bal

Suky Bal, Start-Up Pampers Group Lead at AYM Commerce
“We selected Ourcart as our receipt scanning partner for a tier-one brand, multi-national loyalty program. Ourcart's technology came up superior after conducting proof of concerpt executions with multiple leading vendors. The team at Ourcart was not only agile but, more importantly, a partner that helped us overcome any hurdles we collectively faced. Ourcart's team and technology helped us scale up in 5 markets quickly and supported the program successfully.”